Criminal Tax Evasion Defense Lawyer in Miami, Florida

State and Federal Criminal Tax Attorney

Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. represents people and businesses in Miami-Dade, and throughout the state of Florida, in state and federal criminal tax matters. If you are a taxpayer, including individuals or a business entity or a representative of such an entity, you can become the focus of an IRS criminal tax investigation. Attorney Bruce H. Lehr is here to help if you or your company is in the cross hairs of either the IRS criminal tax investigation or a Florida tax investigation.

There are many forms of tax crimes, including: Tax evasion, failure to file tax returns, filing a false return, willful failure to collect or pay employee’s payroll withholding tax, or failure to pay state sales tax.

Federal criminal tax investigations are conducted by a federal grand jury directed by the United States Attorney's Office with Special Agents of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. The Internal Revenue Service may also conduct the federal criminal tax investigation using Special Agents of the Criminal Investigation Division. Both situations, the focus and intent of the investigation is to gather information to determine if there is sufficient evidence that would support the prosecution of a taxpayer for violating the US tax law. If you are being investigated, it is best to find the counsel of an attorney who is experienced in criminal tax defense at your side such as Miami Tax Attorney Bruce h. Lehr.

The experienced tax representation provided by the Law Offices of Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. is available for circumstances involving state or federal tax court cases, tax audits, administrative appeals from audit determinations, or for IRS collection disputes. The services at the law offices of Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. are for individuals and businesses and are also designed help accountants and attorneys, who care to retain control of a client while being coached and guided discretely by an experienced criminal tax attorney like Bruce Lehr. Contact the Miami law offices of criminal tax lawyer Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. and get the representation you must have in order to level the playing ground.

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