Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Facing Charges of Medicaid and Medicare Fraud? Miami and South Florida Defense Attorney Can Help

Medical professionals are in the business of healing patients, not sifting through complex legal stipulations and confusing medical coding practices to bill for services rendered. That’s accusations of falsified medical bills for provided services, fraudulent claims to private insurers, overcharging for provided services, charging for services not provided, retaining overpayments and other forms of billing fraud are on the rise. Attorneys Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. can help. With offices in Miami, Florida and nearly 30 years as a criminal defense lawyer, Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. is the law firm to call. 305-377-1777.

If you’re facing Medicaid or Medicare fraud charges or are being investigated for other forms of healthcare fraud, Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. can make a difference. He and his staff can help identify honest mistakes resulting from ever-changing CPTs (current procedural terminology), ICD-9 codes or the international classification of diseases.

When Attorney Bruce Lehr draws on his experience and resources to resolve your healthcare fraud accusations, you’ll be back to the business of healing, rather than the business of bureaucracy.

RICO Prosecution Raises Risks

Though charges of healthcare fraud are serious on their own, when there’s the threat of prosecution under the federal RICO act, stakes rise significantly. No medical professional wants to consider the consequences of this serious federal crime. RICO convictions can result in:

  • Criminal penalties
  • Forfeiture
  • Civil penalties

If you have been charged with healthcare fraud in Palm Beach, Broward Miami-Dade county or anywhere else in Florida don’t let your business be destroyed by what could turn out to be a billing mistake or oversight.

Contact South Florida’s leading healthcare fraud defense attorney Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. at 305-377-1777 today.