Drug Distribution and Manufacturing Criminal Defense Lawyer

Miami Attorney Aggressively Defending Drug Manufacturing and Distributing Charges in South Florida

When you’ve been arrested or accused of manufacturing drugs with the intent to distribute, such as the operation of a marijuana grow house or meth lab, the situation may look bleak. Long prison sentences and costly fees can be a part of any conviction, making hiring a qualified defense attorney in a timely manner of utmost importance. Don’t rely on just any drug defense lawyer, however. Simple drug possession charges are vastly different from manufacturing charges and require a skilled, experienced attorney with an aggressive game plan to defend your interests. Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. has fought for the rights of his clients in more than 350 jury trials in criminal cases in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties and throughout Florida, he’s ready to litigate on your behalf.

Not all Drug Arrests are Equal

If you’ve been accused of drug manufacturing in Miami or South Florida, it may be that you’ve been caught manufacturing substances such as methamphetamines or crack cocaine or cultivating marijuana – but not always. In some instances manufacturing charges follow an arrest for the possession of certain chemical or over-the-counter medications. Cold remedies including ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine are the most common of such chemicals.

The Miami, Florida and Hollywood, Florida offices of Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. has been defending individuals facing such charges since 1983 and have both the resources and experience to filter the nuances of each individual charge, no matter how serious the accusation. Our drug defense experience includes defending those accused of cultivating marijuana in a grow house; manufacturing methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine; possession, distribution or trafficking of chemical components necessary for the manufacture of illegal drugs and all other involvements in drug manufacturing.

Strong Defense Born in Weak Evidence

A drug distribution and manufacturing case is only as strong as its best evidence, and in the hands of an experienced, aggressive attorney, flaws in evidence collection can often become a winning strategy. Drug defense attorney Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. will examine the details of the case – such as whether evidence was collected as a result of improperly obtained wire taps, illegal searches or illegal traffic stops. Perhaps Miranda Rights weren’t read at the time of the arrest. Maybe statements were made under improper circumstances. Any or all of these violations can result in evidence being suppressed. Specifics such as the weight of the drug being cultivated or its ingredients can significantly affect the time you may spend in jail or the fines you may face. Attorney Lehr Levi & Mendez, P.A. and professional staff will comb through every thread of evidence and bring any inconsistency to light as they build a strong defense strategy.

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